PSAL Eligibility

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PSAL Eligibility Explained

Playing Football is important to many of you.  Unfortunately, some people feel the pain of not being able to participate in the game they love because they fail classes.  Don’t experience that pain and use this information to stay eligible.

Step 1: In the SPRING semester you must pass 5 classes (3 of the 5 must be either English, Math, History or Science) and 1 Physical Ed class in the term. 5+1

Step 2: You must pass a total of 10 classes in the Fall and Spring Semesters (Not including Physical Ed).  You can use Summer School and PM/TIR credits towards that total of 10 credits.

Step 3:  You must keep a 90% attendance record in the LAST MARKING PERIOD of the Spring Semester.  This is equivalent to 1 Absence in 10 school days.  (9/10=90%)