NCAA Resources

The NCAA has academic requirements to participate in Collegiate Athletics.  We have linked the NCAA eligibility guides to ensure you reach the benchmark set by the NCAA to play college Football.

NCAA Grade and Testing Requirements

Division 1 Requirements – (GPA 2.3/75%) (SAT 900/ACT 75)

Division 2 Requirements – (GPA 2.2/74%) (SAT 840/ACT 70)

Division 3 Requirements – Schools create and maintain their own athletic requirements.

Course Requirements

4 Years of English, 3 Years of Math, 2 Years of Natural/Physical Science, 2 Years of History, 1 Year of Additional English, Math, or Physical Science), 4 Years of Additional Courses from prior listed content area or foreign language.


NCAA Manual NCAA Student Manual for College Bound Athletes

ncaa-football-logo-e1355163552609 NCAA Eligibility Quick Reference Sheet