Become a Lion

This page is dedicated to those who wish to play for the Lehman Lions in the future.  Utilize the information below to learn and apply to the schools that make up the Lehman HS Campus.  Each High School has a direct link that will open up the specific schools admissions page.  You can also email for more information.

HS Application Codes and Information

WSAHS       Schuylerville Prep LogoBRHS


Westchester Square Academy – Principal Ms. Dingledy – HS Application Codes – Y58A – WSA Honors Program Y58B (Honors)

Schuylerville Preparatory High School – Principal Mr. Ossorio – HS Application Code X57A

Bronx River High School – Principal Mr. Fucheck – HS Application Code X24A


Pelham Lab High School – Principal Mr. Wagner – HS Application Code X26A

Renaissance HS for Musical Theater & Technology – Principal Ms. Herrera – HS Application Code – Musical Theater & Technology X98A (Performing Arts)

Herbert H. Lehman HS – Principal Ms. Lobianco – HS Application Codes – Academy for Computer Technology X16A – *Anne Hutchison Academy  X16B (Honors)