The Road to Yankee Stadium

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Every year, twenty-four of New York City’s top public school football programs make it their goal to make it to Yankee Stadium.  Yankee Stadium is where the PSAL HS Football Championship is held each December since 2010.

Since that time, the only teams that have had a chance to play on Yankee Stadium grass, has been Brooklyn and Staten Island teams.  The borough of Queen’s hasn’t sent a contender to the championship since 1988 and the Bronx last sent Lehman High School back in 2005.  Unfortunately, it has become expected that the teams that will end up at Yankee stadium will either be from Brooklyn or Staten Island.  Is there something different in their water?  Are they just better?  I think, NO.

As I started my coaching career, I was able to witness how much happens behind the scenes of a football team.  I was able to see that coaching was actually like managing a business.  When I looked at it in that sense, I was able to see why many teams don’t get the chance to play at Yankee Stadium.

The Lehman Coaches, through countless meetings and hours of brainstorming, have figured out that Yankee Stadium has to be in the future of Lehman High School.  Our goal moving forward is to put ourselves on the path that leads to Yankee Stadium starting NOW.  Only time will tell where our HARD WORK will take us.


-Coach Toro, Junior Varsity Head Coach


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